Technical Tours

Technical Tours on Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Tour 1: NEWater Visitor Centre Tour

NEWater, a pillar of Singapore’s water sustainability strategy, is a high-grade reclaimed water. Produced from treated used water that is further purified using advanced membrane technologies and ultra-violet disinfection, it is ultra-clean and safe to drink. NEWater has passed more than 150,000 scientific tests and is well within World Health Organisation requirements. Learn more about NEWater at the NEWater Visitor Centre, an education hub that promotes water sustainability in Singapore and highlights the importance of Singapore’s 3rd National Tap.
Highlights of the tour:
•          Experience what it is like to be a water molecule undergoing treatment
•          Explore the Waterwise Arcade to learn more about how we could all play a part in conserving water
•          Discover membrane and ultraviolet technologies that make NEWater so clean
•          Tasting of NEWater

Duration/No. of Visitors for tour: 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm/40 pax only
Transport fee of S$20 to be paid during online registration.
If you have already registered online and would still like to attend this tour, please email us your details at Payment will be collected in cash prior to the tour.