Session Topics

The topics and subtopics listed below are indicative of the types of subject matter that Conference organizers would like to see covered. However, they are by no means exhaustive, and good proposals on other energy-related subjects will be given every consideration. The main selection criterion will be the quality of a proposal, not the particular subject matter.

Security of energy supply: at what price?

A growing role for nuclear in Asia

China’s energy policy and global market implications

Energy poverty and energy subsidies: how can the link be broken?

The economics of gas spot trading

Renewable and alternative sources of energy

Energy policy options in a carbon constrained world

Distributed generation

Developments in LNG markets

Harmonization of cross-border energy regulations

Evolving geopolitics of oil and gas

Energy modelling

Emission trading schemes

The econometrics of oil and gas markets

The economics of climate change

Energy asset valuation

Energy sector investment

Integrated power markets: way to go for ASEAN?

Risk mitigation methodologies

Oil and gas: global resources, reserves, and production.

Electricity Networks

Those interested in organizing a complete concurrent session should propose a topic and possible speakers to Professor Anthony D Owen at